Six-Part Series on Beer by Kevin Revolinski

Greetings, readers, beer drinkers, and beer-curious types.

I’ve been asked to blog a little bit about what has sometimes been called liquid bread, courage in a can, or proof that a higher power loves us. It’s beer and it’s been around since the dawn of civilization (though, ironically, it has an uncivilizing effect on some folks.) I am picky about a brew, though not really a beer snob, and I am a convert to the beverage – I killed many a houseplant at university parties eliminating some really cheap, low-quality beers. But when I authored a travel guide to microbreweries my mind (and palate) opened up to a whole new world of brews. Beers, like wines, come in a wide variety of styles. A beer’s characteristics run the gamut from sweet to sour to bitter, from heavy to light, from flavorful to crisp, from potent to not so much.

If you are into beer or would like to be, check back here to read a bit about the creation and consumption of this amazing fermented beverage. Or as Homer Simpson once put it: Beer, the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.

Kevin Revolinski has written several books, including Wisconsin’s Best Beer Guide. He has spent numerous years abroad and is also the creator of The Mad Traveler. Revolinski will be informing Hops readers about the wonders of beer in a special six-part series on his favorite form of happiness.

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